Below are the games I have created either alone or collaborating with others.
Nithe Procedural Generation Level Preview. The image shows examples that are generated procedurally.

Nithe is an action roguelike game that I currently developing. This game is targeted to be released on Steam in 2024.

I use some 3rd party assets to help my development since I am doing this solo. While most things are being handled by TopDown Engine and MapGraph, I modified many of their built-in scripts by extending them as a child. This is done to make everything fit with my vision of the game and make sure that if I have a problem I can easily consult with the tool creators.


  • Procedural generation levels
  • DOTA-like skill system
  • Status and level up system
  • Artifacts, items that the player can equip to boost status or implement new mechanics

Project Details

  • Desktop platform
  • Made with Unity LTS 2021.3 with URP
  • Duration July 2023 - now
  • Solo project with 3rd party tools:
    • TopDown Engine
    • MapGraph
    • Smart 2D Lighting
    • All in 1 Sprite Shader
    • DOTween
Eco Toss
  • Eco Toss Gameplay
  • Eco Toss Gameplay

Eco Toss is a casual-endless mobile game where players have to toss trash into the correct trash bin. The players will experience challenges as they build up their scores and get some buffs to make the game fun. This project was a game made for the Game Creation event led by Kominfo and Asosiasi Game Indonesia.

In this opportunity, I lead a team of 3 programmers in working on a game together. I created a technical design document and divided the task proportionately to the team members' skill levels. We utilize git as a version control system and create separate branches to minimize the risk of conflict. Finally, to make work more efficient, we are using SOLID principles and a publish-subscribe design pattern.

My Contributions

  • Technical design documentation
  • Match 3 system. This is the heaviest system in the game and is responsible for:
    • Look up if the trash is in the correct trash can or not, and verify if the player throws it correctly 3 times in a row
      • If the player throws trash correctly 3 times, then the previous trash will be cleared
      • If the player throws trash into the wrong trash can, then the previous trash cannot be cleared.
  • Throwing mechanics, score system, object pooling system, some power-up effects, intruder behavior, and UI functionality
  • Reviewing other programmers' work as a reviewer

Project Details

  • Android platform
  • Made with Unity LTS 2021.3
  • Duration September 2022 - October 2022
  • Team:
    • 1 Designer
    • 1 3D Artist
    • 3 Programmers
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Slime The Slayer
Slime The Slayer Game Development Preview. The image is showing that the slime is moving with grid movement and die when hit the spike


Slime the Slayer is a casual puzzle game where you can play as a Slime that wants to go outside of the dungeon you have been kept. Make strategy, unite yourself with your other parts, and trample on humans!

This game is a submission for Candela Jam #1 and I am the only programmer who worked on it.


  • Base grid system including placement and movement
  • Combining slime to level up
  • Obstacle mechanics: spikes, gate-and-lever, and enemy

Project Details

  • Desktop platform
  • Made with Unity LTS 2021.3 and URP
  • Duration 25 - 26 November 2023
  • Team:
    • 1 Character Designer
    • 1 Environmental Designer
    • 1 Programmer
Download on Google Drive
Date Escape
Date Escape Gameplay PreviewExample of Date Escape question with wrong and right answer
  • Date Escape Gameplay Preview where the player answer wrong and get older with their friend is checking on the player
  • Example of Date Escape question with wrong and right answer
  • Preview of comic scene in Date Escape

Date Escape is a one-button game where the player must press click left mouse button to add escape progression. The player must struggle to escape when their friend is not in the vicinity. When the player meets their friend, the friend will ask them questions: if the player answers right, they will get extra time; if not, the player will get older and it will be harder to escape.

This game is a submission for BGDJam 2024 where the theme is "Time is not your friend" and I am the only programmer who works on this.



  • Stamina and Escape Progression
  • Player and Enemy behavior
  • Question Database. I use scriptable objects for the questions that have the questions, right answer, and wrong answer
  • UI functionality and animation with DOTween (free version, since it's not allowed to use paid assets in this game jam)
  • Sound playback


Project Details

  • Desktop platform
  • Made with Unity LTS 2021.3
  • Duration 5 - 7 January 2024
  • Team:
    • 1 Gameplay Designer
    • 1 Narrative Designer
    • 1 2D Artist
    • 1 Programmer
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